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I live in San Francisco, CA and I have my Bachelor of Fine Arts  from Academy of Art in Industrial Design. I love to design new and exciting products, furniture, and cars. I also like to work on graphic design, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, photography and many other projects!


I love to work with many mediums including metal, wood, resins, and ceramics. I believe in the process of learning. I have great enthusiasm for the aesthetics of industrial components and I am fascinated with the processes of materials. I respond to the flexibility and rich sensory variety that different materials can produce.

Metal is an especially gratifying medium. It is malleable and versatile, and there seem to be endless ways to impact the surface physically and chemically – it can be etched, bent, hammered, molded, ground, painted and sheared. This character gives me the challenge of constant experimentation and the delight of discovery. The reflective qualities of metal offer an additional opportunity to expand the complexity of the work, as it responds to ambient light, color and movement. This engages the viewer as a participant and can develop an interactive and kinetic quality. Involving people, grabbing their attention and engaging them in dialogue is, for me, a measure of success.


Much of my work is inspired by geometric designs, abstract shapes and abstractions of objective subject matters. I often work in three dimensions, and I am thrilled when I can build complex metal sculptures. I am deeply influenced by observing nature, developing concepts and prototypes, and working to the point of perfection. 


I am currently freelancing welding, fabricating and installing high end stainless steel railings, gates and staircases.


I also currently volunteering for Marco Cochrane in his studio welding and fabricating large steel sculptures. I curate art events at multiple venues with 10-12 artists, and have also started my own apparel company in which I design, make and sell online, in local stores and at events.


If you have any questions contact me.


- Loveboat Oct 2017

- Chillin Group Art Show  Sept 2017

- Precompression June 2017

- Burningman 2017

- Decompression Oct 2016

- Ghostship Oct 2016

- Burning man 2016

- Art of the Creative Path Nov. 2015

- Ghostship Oct. 2015

- Chillin Tradeshow Oct. 2015

- 111 Minna Gallery  Jan. 2015

- Sublevel July 2012- may 2015

- Ghostship Oct. 2014

- Chillin Tradeshow Jun 2014

- Product Design Show Dec. 2013

- 111 Minna Gallery Nov. 2013

- Palace of Fine Arts may 2013

- Sublevel April 2013

- 4N5 gallery  Feb. 2013

- 4N5 Gallery June  2012

- 4N5 Gallery March 2012  








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